Your Duality Leaves Me Breathless

Your ugliness to creep,
From under your kept beauty...
Leaves me mesmerized.
And I am unable to explain,
Why I can be captivated.
Even when your evil moodiness,
Shows it can not be restrained.

Your ugly disposition,
Can switch from that...
To a beauty so attractive it entraps.
With it shown to me to make it known,
You have limits.You have boundaries.
And taking from me nonsense,
Is not where your head is at to condone.

I would rather see your beauty,
Displayed and effortlessly exposed.
Than to know whenever your eyebrow raises,
I should not say to you another word.
With a keeping of my mouth closed.
However, I must admit this...
Your duality leaves me breathless.
And I could not speak if the doing I chose.

'You've got something you want to say to me?
Something you think from you I need to hear? '


by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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