GL (June 1988 / England)

Your Echo

What do you see? be honest she asks
I see a beautiful young lady with
morals and attributions of the new age adult
You are fair, clever, and I am so proud of you
You know much more than i could ever understand

Lies she says, try again
I see a complicated but mature young lady
Who is seeing the future in her own way
With determination to be successful
And push herself as far as she possibly can

Are you sure? She enquires
Well I think so. He replies

Are you sure you don't see a failure
Are you sure you don't see a let down
A disappointment, a superficial and stereotypical
view of your lowest expectations?
Please stop me if you disagree......No? Didnt think so.

I will tell you what I see, I finally see me,
The one I have been looking for
For such a long time
I may not be beautiful but I am that delicate
But independent butterfly
You see it?

Well yes of course... he says
Ah... but thats the catch you dont!

You dont truly see it at all
You see what you have fabricated
I hurt too! Don't cover me over
Dont try to see what you think maybe
is correct, just say what you truly see

I see the carefree, i finally see me
what do you see? she asks
Well... he says
Exactly...she says.... you dont see me at all
You see you.

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Comments (2)

Sometimes in a poem there are words that leap out at you whether the writer intended them consciously, subconsciously or not at all - for me it was all there in 'independent butterfly' in one stanza and then the connection with the word 'caught' cropping up in the next stanza in a different context. When I was young I went on a school trip to a butterfly 'farm' (near Yeovil I think) and saw hundreds of butterflies stuck with pins in display boxes and dark drawers. You connected yourself with that for me in your poem and I very much like the way you did it indirectly, without leading me by the nose. If you intended it then great.... if you didn't consciously, perhaps it was there subconsciously, even if it was not intentional, then it is still great because you gave me the opportunity to think, remember, feel and relate to what you were saying... and that I guess, is the art of good poetry: to draw upon the reader's resources of feelings and experiences. I've read a few of your poems and I like this most of all for the reason above. Thank you Gracie Lou. TJ
We attract the reflexion of each others needs Gracie but as your poem so correctly interprets, if we look deeper we will find a perfectly matching pair. You can't blame men, they are just slower in these more sensitive areas of living emotions. It's an evolution thing, we have to keep them rough at the edges to stay alive! lol A very thought proking platform, thank you. Feeling much relieved, and laughing a lot. Tai