Forest Of Life

world without a soul
Children play as a village yearns,
young women await a hero's return.
An old woman scream her sons covered in blood,
she sheds her tears for waited motherhood.

Thunder peals like distant bells,
crossing scattered battlefields.
Chaos reigns as bullets scream,
young men find eternal dreams

The reaper comes he has no face,
breeds hatred for another race.
Glory flies its flag so high,
battle fever in their eyes.

Wars, destruction,
the way of the human race.
Trilling to adrenaline,
excitement in the chase.

We'll fight side by side, .
meet death together.
Senseless weapons and senseless wars,
Will change our world forever.

Trumpets blow the charge is made,
bodies fly, what a bloody trade.
Give your life for an inch of dirt,
Morphine addiction given birth.

Wars, destruction,
ways of the human race.
Trilling to adrenaline,
excitement in the chase.

We'll fight side by side
and meet our death together.
Senseless weapons and senseless wars
will change our world forever.

No more children play as the village burns,
no more young women waiting on a heroes return.
The old woman now just a memory,
joins her sons in eternity.
Peace reigns from pole to pole,
as all burns
in a World without a soul.

Floating thought the aster
remembering my past.
It was mankind's destiny to end it all at last.
Pushing buttons same as
swinging swords.
Destruction reigns while raging ear.
Them something shined,
in this tunnel made of lights,
it seemed to be a seed.
A seed from the wise.

I watched it as it fell,
unto the world below.
The wisdom seed took root,
and the wisest of trees did grow.

As it grew other trees sprouted and became a flourishing forest.

Forest of life.

Serene are the trees
in the forest of life.
No war fare, no horror,
no torture, no strife.

They bask as they learn
all they perceive.
With life itself as unity eternity.
Not eyes not ears nor senses at all.
They knew of the moods their favorite was fall.

Then one morning they felt a creature pass in the shadows of the dawn.
He cut down a tree and a new sense was born.
That sense was fear, they waited.

Kyle awoke at daybreak on a cool clear morning. He lie a minute anticipating adventures that lie in the day ahead. He seemed to feel the call of the forest below the steam, which ran along the side of their newly settled village. So he donned his breeches tied the leather thongs and proceeded into the dawn light.
His mother needed firewood so he calls his dog grabs his axe to head off into the wood. While entering Kyle felt a sense of serenity. Everything was peaceful and seemed balanced.
Stepping over several fallen branches; Kyle he did not pick them up because he felt like swinging his axe.
Off to his left he saw an old game trail, which would make walking easier. As he followed the trail looking at the trees, he searched for the right one. Soon he came upon one he would take down so he raised his axe and swung. Being a healthy lad his axe bit deeply into the tree. Of a sudden it seemed a gust of wind went through the forest and the trees shivered. Odd he thought 'It was still when I awoke.

The balance seemed shifted.

The trees were in confusion at these new creatures actions. They had wondered of his needs when he first entered, but he would not communicate. Instead he cut down a tree. The trees realized he needed wood for some reason. They wondered why he did not pick up fallen branches or even touch a leaf to communicate his needs. The forest would have provided with limbs hanging in branches.
Instead he took without regard to balance and because of this the forest became out of harmony. A small Ring eyed Owl cowered unseen in the back of his dwelling. He felt fear for the first time but he knew what it was.
As the Wisdom tree perceived this it brought forth knowledge encompassed in his seed. This was a human and humans were more often than not out of tune with nature. Humans have the mistaken idea that they are superior. With all the branches laying all over why cut a tree? Humans were capable of many deeds both good and bad. They could destroy themselves and all in their domain. The Wisdom tree would try to help this human understand the beauty of the forest and the beauty of life.

Perhaps a dream

Kyle's chores were done shortly after middle sun and of a sudden he became tired. He wondered why he was tired after a good sleep the night before but he retired early. And this was dreamt if a dream it was. A place of beauty fertile and green. Animals moved through the forest without a sound excepting perhaps a whisper of grass as they passed.
Were no clouds, no rain, no sorrow, and no pain. The peace enchanted Kyle to a sense of security he had never before felt. Kyle felt he was simply another creature of nature, no more than that.
His senses had awakened to new things and he saw a beauty for the first time this moment.
The early morning sun glowed softly through the treetops in the wee hours of daybreak.
A slight rustling in the undergrowth brought Kyle's attention to a pool of water beneath a fern.
And thus emerged a new born fern to stand before him on that cool clear dawn. As the fawn became aware of Kyle's presence it just stood there wobbling unsure. Kyle wondered why it did not try to get away. How could it be so trusting? Then time stopped, as dreams sometimes will, Kyle wished this moment would never end. Then he awoke to see the day begin.
Kyle opened his eyes to a beautiful morning with a mind full of visions of the dream. He wondered how he could remember with such clarity. Who sent this dream?
How could the fawn be so trusting? His mind then drifted to the peace and serenity of the wood. The feeling in the dream was the same as the day before as he entered the wood. Then it changed when he cut down the tree. The trees had seemed to shiver as if they felt it. As if they were all part of the whole instead of each being one individual.
It was a beautiful dream, it seemed a gift, but from whom? Who could send such a gift? He would search in the day ahead. It seemed that wisdom sought is usually found if it is sleeked.
After his morning meal, Kyle strolled into the village with his senses unusually sharp. It seemed that it was going to be a good day as he tackled his morning chores with fervor in hopes of getting into the woods soon. He must seek the meaning of the dream.
As he started to walk towards the forest he noticed a beautiful sound. It was the song of a bird.
A melody he had heard all his life. He wondered why he had never stopped to listen to this before.
Then he looked at a tree, the way the branches and leaves fluttered in the breeze caught his attention. Was almost like the tree was dancing to the rhythm of the wind accompanied by the song of the bird. He smiled while he watched, it was almost childish he thought to envy the peace of something as simple as a tree.
He walked a step or so further and stumbled on a branch. Oh firewood." As he looked back to the dancing tree he said 'No need to cut you today.' The tree seemed to smile and Kyle smiled back.
A hunger pang reminded Kyle that in his haste to get into the woods he had missed his meal. Of a sudden a striped critter ran between his feet. Kyle watched as it nosed along the forest floor
Bumping into whatever might be in the way. Kyle felt it was blinded by the sunlight, must be a creature of the night. He felt sorry for this critter because it would never see the tree dance, never behold the beauty of the forest as Kyle now did.
All was again in balance. As it was when he first entered the wood as in the dream. Kyle now understood, life was about beauty and balance. And the Wisdom tree smiled.

by Mike poet

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Envy is acrid and distasteful - it is akin to wickedness. I have learned to pray, 'God remove wickedness from my heart and save me from those from whose hearts you are not allowed to remove them.