Your Eyes With Lies

Time is galloping, without a stop,
nations fighting without a stop,
generations rising from the deep grounds,
nothing bothers me but your ignorance,
my days, i have lost,
those thoughts i have buried,
your words caused a frost,
in my heart that cant melt,
no heat is so hot like your wink,
which may cause many a ship to even sink,
i never knew i would be crazy of you,
because love does not come from instinct,
i dont know if i am mean being so,
i dont know if i am meaning so,
that these words as i write,
my tears fill around my spaces,
they catch my time,
chill me to the core,
why dint you tell me,
that your eyes with lies,
will pull me till i die,
i never knew god was so cruel to me....
he gave everything i wanted but you...
this state of incompletedness remains endless till decades.........


by kaushik chandrasekhar

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