Your Face Panaceas In Moonlight (A Poem For Mesmerizing Dreamers)

Your face panaceas in moonlight.
And englow effervesce in sunlight.
Like a touch of meadowed efflores-
cence it's flowering in an ethereal
Of blossoms It embellishes the enchantment of night
It makes the heart ponder feirie, and
Immensurable; or, like a hunger, that
Can never be repleted; as we go saun-
tering hand-in-hand
In enchanted Bliss. We are imbued; as dolce en-
rapture the night, for a deity, a pana-
cea. Like a dream-boat, we are riding
Soothing waves for an entrenous twosome. As
Your face panaceas

by J. Thomas, Jr.

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