Your Fall Into Temptation

'It was love when we first got together'
You say as if I believe your lie.
But, I of course know better.
I believed it long ago, before the 'love' rushed by.

But, I have often wondered was it all just a game?
Something that everyone could see but me?
Now I wonder if I will ever be the same,
After expirencing all that you forced me to see.

I was so in love with you
But I guess you never felt that way
Despite all of the romantic things you'd do
I could not keep you from going astray.

You convinced me that you were in love
Now I see it was all just manipulation
Who knows maybe we were once above
But that must have been before your fall into temptaion.

by Amber Green

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Comments (4)

its well written and it flows smoothly i love it, i think we all have been there before
This poem develops nicely, saving it's best line for the end... well done, Amber! Brian
A great poem about possibly a misinterpeted lover's love or a jilted lover hurt real bad in a relationship. Very good. I gave it a ten. God bless all poets-MJG.
Great poem Amber. It's soild and 'before the love rushed by' is a wonderful line. Your work is just too good ~Amber~