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Your Final Destiny Is Right Here By My Side
JH ( / Brisbane)

Your Final Destiny Is Right Here By My Side

When the stress of life take's it's toll
and your beauty began to fade
when down your face lonely tears cascade
think back of the choices you have made.

When from you, your friends become's withdrawn
and your popularity are all gone
think of the night you ignored me and walk away
as i clutched my aching heart and beg you to stay.

When the excitement of your new love is over
look for me on the white cliffs of dover
for no matter where you may roam
this heart of mine will forever be your home.

When your days will seem so lonely
and your night seems so long
and on the radio they're playing our song
think of me and of where you went wrong.

But no matter how far you may run
and no matter where you may hide
remember your final destiny
is right here by my side.

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