(28 April 1874 – 12 June 1936 / Austria)

Your Flaw

That flaw of yours, that vent - I love it, dear;
it’s part of you
and ranks with me among your finest features.
When I find out that others have it too,
I look for it and almost see you near
and love all similarly wanting creatures.

If I, for want of you, that want should miss - were we to part –
where would I better find my consolation.
than in that flaw I love with all my heart?
And when you're gone, with such a want as this
the homeliest would win my admiration.

Yet if there came the fairest of the fair,
and flawless she,
my thoughts of you would linger and keep haunting.
No matter what her charms and virtues be,
her fault would be the flaw that wasn't there –
I would not want her if your want were wanting. Here In This Land.

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