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Your Footprints
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

Your Footprints

You left your footprints across my life

I hate to see your photographs:
passing history impossibly frozen,
demanding out-of-date thoughts.

You left your footprints on my life

I hate it when people talk of you:
as if they were asking for my blood
to warm their own false memories.

You left your footprints through my life

I hate it when I find a letter from you:
I read a richness and a loss in them
and am torn apart by myself

You left your footprints in my life

Footprints claim nothing, offer nothing;
they do not ask to be preserved, or to be erased;
they are clean, yet they are there;
where they lead, I have yet to find

You left your footprints across my life

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Comments (3)

Sorry to hear that person is still walking all over you, A problem we humans have with memories.....we can't forget the bad.....if we could only remeber just the good. Ah Utopia were are you......Great write Michael : O)
Michael...Sterling work, my friend....you never disappoint. Frank
Hello Michael. I've missed reading your wonderful work. This poem reached down inside me and touched my heart. A wistful poem about a lost love - who among us cannot relate to such an emotion? An excellent write as I've come to always expect from you. Love, CJ