DO (11/17/1984 / Boulder, CO)

Your Friend...

So enough you and I
We don’t see eye to eye
I’m tired of trying,
Always ending up crying

So when he raises his hand
Your beloved boyfriend
Do not come back to me
I’m not your shoulder to weep

And when your scars they last weeks
The tears stream down your cheeks
Just remember what I said
That he’s not your best friend

Let this remind you of me,
And how perfect we’d be
But you said 'no' to us
To a love you could trust

“I just want to stay friends
So our time doesn’t end”
I say “I understand”
And I’m forced to pretend

That I’m happy with a hug
“Are you really in love? ”
You don’t open your mouth
Just a nod and a shrug

Out of fear you maintain
Because the hurt and the pain
Are much easier to sustain,
Than to be alone, what a shame

If you had a guarantee
Things would last with you and me
Would you then tell me 'yes'
That will never happen I guess

“Make a choice, ” I tell you again
Cause when you break I cannot mend
Was it really worth it in the end?
To loose a lover and a best friend?

...I hope someday you're happy again.

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I might have given this a nine but that would have been too selfish of me. Since I understand this far too well, I really should recuse myself from voting. But, I wanted to put two cents in, so, I gave it an 8 not a 10. GW62