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Your Future Is Up To You
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Your Future Is Up To You

Think of the future and what it will bring
The only thing I can say is that I'll be aging

Getting a little older each and every day
Even looking older to my own dismay

You have to find what you really want to do
Keep trying at it with everything anew and anew

Never give up no matter what goes on
And yet keep partying till the break of dawn

You'll work and you'll play, but I say play more
But go ahead and be a workaholic if your unsure

Life's all about enjoying it while you can
Even when it feels like your running in sand

So what is your future holding in store?
A nice life ahead or one that is poor?

It's all up to you, your future is how you make it
So at least try, even if you can't really take it

Keep your head up and don't quit, you will suceed
Just do what you should, you'll get everything you need

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