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Your Game
ST ( / Scarborough, Ontario Canada)

Your Game

Poem By Sara Turner

I have a question I wish you would answer,
To give me a little piece of mind,
Tell me your game so I'll know who to blame,
And I won't be so terribly blind

I have this question only you can answer,
so I'll know all the rules by my heart,
It's so hard to play if you don't learn the game,
I forever seem to end at the start

Just give me a clue, is it all from the mind
Or does your heart play a part in this too?
Is it men that move around on the board
And the women that constantly lose?

Can you just throw the dice, then call it gamble,
Or is gamble always the name?
What is my risk, must I bet with your chips?
To be honest I'm not good at these games

So I'll throw in my hand, I won't lose my heart
The stakes that you bet are too high
You cheat when you play, changing rules on the way,
So I'll fold and just bid you good-bye.

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Comments (2)

'Your Game' is pregnant of artistic touches.
Another good one, Sara. I enjoy how you weave your stories. Rhyme is nice, not forced, too. Warmest regards, CJ