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Your Girl
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Your Girl

More than anything in this world
I want to be here for you
Show you that there's nothing
In this world that I wont do

To protect you from your fears
To hold you when you cry
To show you lifes worth living
When you say you want to die

I want to wipe away your tears
Hold you when you sleep
Show you every single day
Life doesnt have to be so bleak

Share each and every moment
That you want to share with me
Telling you how amazing you really are
And holding you closely

I want to make you happy
I want to make you smile
Show you what I'd do for you
That I'll cross thousands of miles

Because Josh you mean more to me
Than anything in this world
And I want to share this life with you
I want to be your girl...

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awww... it's sooooooooo romantic ;) you go girl!