Your Greatest Gift

It Does not matter of your material or financial success
The gift of life the greatest gift that you do possess
And this applies to everyone as well as you and i
It is true we do lose everything on the day we die
The president and monarch may know of wealth and fame
But they share one thing in common with those with little to their name
In that the gift of life is their greatest gift and this to all apply
If you tell me of a greater gift the truth you do deny
Time has been catching up on me and leaves me feeling and looking old
But i would not change my gift of life for all of the World's gold
For only the living can enjoy material things gold of no use to the dead
And though you may be poor with your gift of life you can look forward to better times ahead
Your gift of life is your greatest gift and it does seem true to say
That all of us lose everything on our lives final day.

by Francis Duggan

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