Your Hand.

I look away
His hand is floating in the air
As he debates sending it to my face
I look away

He screams at me
But I can’t hear him
His hand fly’s toward my face
I look away

It moves in the air
I begin to get scared
You’re so angry
I don’t know what to do

What have I done
To ever deserve this pain
Your hand is hovering in the air
It fly’s to my face

I scream at the pain
You yell to shut me up
I start to cry
And the tears start to fall

I look away
I’m so ashamed
To have made you feel this way
All I can think is how its always me
I look away

To thoughs of you who have been in this place. You are not alone... you never were, and it is not your fault... stand for yourself.. its worth it to get away.

by Scarred Unknown

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do you have any more that are on this topic? you do things very well. idk if i would be around if i were in that situation.
I hope you never get into this situation again. You write very well. Maybe now you won't have to be scarred or unknown.