Your Healing Days

Sometimes the hardest healing
Is when we need to heal inside
We're torn apart with many thoughts
No place to run or hide

I know it will take time
For you to go through this
I know it won't be easy
Just know it's you I miss

I know that you need time
Along with some space
Every night when I go to
In my dreams I see your face

But the most important thing to me
Is for you to just get well
When you have recovered
Only that you can tell

Take all the time you need
There is no need to hurry
You need to clear your mind
So you have no more worry

I guess what I can offer you
Is to tell you this
I still love you so very much
It's only you I miss

So go ahead and get better
So your smile will return
When you've crossed over the healing bridge
You'll look back at all you've learned


by Ray Hansell

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