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Your Heart
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Your Heart

Your heart is a place where I always wanna’ be,
Now and forever, just you and me.

No matter what happens, we’ll never separate,
I knew that we were meant to be, from our first date.

No matter what I’m doing, you’re always on my mind,
Honey, I really love you, you’re one of a kind.

You’re the most precious person I’ve ever known,
I will never let you go – babe you are my own.

Trade you for another, I would never do,
Cause’ u darlin’, saved my life, when you popped out from the blue.

Because of you, I’m a better person than I was before,
For everyday that passes, I love you more and more.

I can hardly leave the room, before missing you straight away,
Every time we meet, you lighten up my day.

Whether I’m sad, or angry, it doesn’t really matter,
Just I see your eyes, and I instantly feel better.

You’re the perfect package without a price,
You were the one who repaired my soul, and revived my heart of ice.

More than anything, I love you and I always will,
I wouldn’t only die for you, but I’d also kill.

Behind you’re back I’ll always stand,
As your man, support, and a helping hand.

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very romantic lovely poem good poem
nice romantic poem...