Your Hero And My Heroine

Those who are great to you do not seem great to me
On our heroes and heroines we do not agree
My heroine in her mid sixties is one who leads by good example in life
Though she is not anyone's mother or anyone's wife
But she is a great friend of the poor of the town
And is always willing to help the homeless and the hungry and the financially down
Your hero is a highly paid World famous football player
Self conceited and arrogant and a known multi millionaire
But with those doing it tough not even a small percentage of his millions he does share
Even the least bit of sympathy for the homeless he does not have to spare
My heroine an aging working nurse in helping others always inclined
Though there is never a fan club for the compassionate and kind
Your hero is famous and wealthy and great at playing football
But for those doing it tough he does nothing at all.

by Francis Duggan

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