Your Higher Self

To your higher self you can only be true
By paying the respect to others the respect they are due
You will never become the most popular one of the town
If in your own words you enjoy putting others down
Our material possessions are of no use to us when we die
There is more to life than living for me, myself and i
The Reaper of lives any life does not spare
The one who cannot be bribed by the billionaire
It is a great gift the gift of empathy
Without it for those doing it tough you cannot feel any sympathy
To be generous to those doing it tough is such a selfless thing
The praises of such people i feel happy to sing
Those true to their higher selves are beautiful of mind
And the Human World is in need of far more of the compassionate and kind.

by Francis Duggan

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Higher self is the deepest truth. We can be true to this self. This is beautifully presented poem. Excellent one! 10