JD (October 16,1988 / Stony Brook, New York)

Your Highness!

Your highness! I'm sorry!
I'm pathetic for forgetting my place
in your society and in your mind
that I work hard to save your behind!

Your highness! I plead!
Don't punish little ole me!
I forgot that labor was a
luxury and not voluntary!

Your highness! I beg!
Please don't chop off my head
for bothering to save you
from unforeboding dread!

Your highness! I cry!
I try and I try to please
as I dropp to my knees!
I assist and appease!

Your highness! I die!
All I do is serve and try,
while you sit on your backside
and watch me die!

by Jacqueline Dougherty

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