Your Holiness The Autumn Season!


Hey, Autumn Season!
Who has banished you to this incognito life?
Or is it a self-imposed exile
From the Festivals of the Earth?
Why so much detachment?
Don't you develop any liking for the life?
Is life's burden so unbearable?
Shedding all your Leaves mercilessly
You stand in discreet silence
Displaying your bones unashamedly!
Every season in a unique style
Decorates itself, don't you know?
Haven't you learnt that art, why you alone?
Don't you have any desire of your own?
Do you prefer only this saintly life?
For what is this punishing penance?
For how many more days
Would this harsh penance last?
Let me watch! Beware!
When the 'Maid Spring' makes her appearance
Adorning the musical anklets that speak 'galeer galeer'
At her every graceful steps,
To the accompaniment of the songs
Of the forest Birds calling in chorus,
And to the rhythmic beats of the Cascades
And begins her delightful dance in tune with all,
When the cool Breeze casts its web on all
With its swooning spells-
How could your severe penance survive,
O, Your Holiness, the Autumn Season!


by sundaram chandrakalaadhar

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