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Your Honor
MMI (March 25,1992 / )

Your Honor

I am losing all of my blood
Some one please hear me out
Someone please help me up
Where is everybody?
Can’t they see I am dieing?
I am important too
Come here and cover this open wound
If I lose any more of my blood, I don’t think I'll be alive
Anybody, don’t care who, if you are my enemy
Please forgive me for I am dieing
Save me, I don’t want to die like this
I‘ll let you kill me with honor
If you just let me survive a few years
I just want to see what happens two years from now
Then you can cut my head off if you like
Just please don’t let me die right now
Not this minute, not this hour, or second
Not to this day, not this month or year
Give me your hand and pull me up from the ground
I now need some friends; long ago I might need none
But I promise to do the same if you were in my place
Anybody! ? ? ?

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Maya Angelou

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