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Your Horrid Day

You feel that the World's against you and you are one without hope
And you only live from day to day you struggle for to cope
With the burden of debt on you and household bills to pay
And life for you an uphill battle why should it be this way? .

To add to the misfortune that you have already known
Your car has blown a head gasket and you are far from home
You leave it by the roadside and to hitch a lift you try
But motorists just ignore you they keep on whizzing by.

Life hard enough already you have been doing it tough
And you start to feel suicidal you feel you've had enough
Of bad luck and misfortune but your will to live still strong
And you've never been a quitter to that type you don't belong.

Stranded twenty miles away from home and darkness setting in
And when lady luck is against you, you cannot seem to win
Your fitness level not the best and the walk back home seems far
And twenty miles seems a long stretch without your motor car

You do not have the money for the engine repair
For your car left on the roadside and you are in despair
And you feel the World's against you this for you a horrid day
And as you plod your way on homeward the moon lights up your way.

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