Your Ideas Of War

Your ideas of war and war heroes are your own and that's okay with me
But when you tell me war leads to peace with you I can't agree
Bad feelings between people who have been to war for years and years remain
In war as well as the needless loss of life friends you don't ever gain
Even for the so called winners of the war the price is huge to pay
And yet of war and rumours of war we read and hear of every day
Millions have died or have been injured in wars and in war only heartbreak
And far too many people fail to realize that war is a huge mistake
When you say that war is not a bad thing in that you are not alone
But let the one who is free of sin be the first to cast the stone
That you are entitled to your point of view with me is quite okay
Though I for one do not agree with what you have to say
Of war and your ideas on it which to all you like to make known
And though your ideas are different to mine like 'tis said to each their own.

by Francis Duggan

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