ACS (December 6 / New York)

Your Journey Now Mines

Your Journey, Now Mines
So many feelings
Your precious body
I try not to see, too much for me
I want to remember yesteryear
Telephone calls, I monitor them,
A high pitch voice,
I answer, hello
A deep voice,
on the other end
you say, hang up, i got it
You' tell me you're almost a woman now,
You say mom, ' I love him'
all traces of memories come back to haunt me
Remember your sweet 16 party, your escort,
you talk about love now
Pregnant, what? ,
couldn't you wait, finish school
What did I leave out
Did I let you grow up too fast
No marriage now, atleast not right now!
just a baby,
a memory of you and him
You say, you just want to date him
you all are not ready to settle down
But guess what?
my grandbaby is
First it was your journey
Now it is mines....

Adrienne Clark Strachn

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