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Your Journeys In Life

Your journeys in life may take you far from home
To famous Cities such as London or New York or Paris or Rome
But how far you have traveled as a person of you little does say
Since the stay at home person may be as good if not better than you in many a way
We all look at life one might say differently
And you in your ways are quite different to me
But if we all were the same how boring we would be
Variety is the spice of life would you not agree
Your journeys in life may take you to Australia or New Zealand, Indonesia or Pakistan
Or India or China, Thailand or Africa or Japan
Or Canada, South America, Europe or the U S of A
But how far you have physically traveled as a person little of you does say
Since the home loving one who has never traveled far
May be a more compassionate and a better living person than you are.

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