Your Kiss

Your kiss was so tender
Your lips against mine
I miss that

I just wish you would know
About me
About you.

Kiss me again
Over and Over
As long as I can take
I just want to feel it.

That Sensation.
That Spark.
That Blankness.
That Feeling.

That Emptyness is in my heart now.
You left it there.
Now come and kiss it away.
I just want to feel your lips against mine.

Once more.
Twice more.
As many times as you would like.

I may disagree at first.
But I wont if you just try.
You run away from me.
I will never hurt you.

I never could.
I wont let you go.
I just want to try again.

I think about you everyday.
I think about your kiss.
The highlight of my day.
Of my week.

I just want you to kiss me.
Over and Over.
I love you.
Always have. Always will.

by madison wolfe

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