Your Last Chance

Will you come to see my face,
Because you know that I’ll be there?
Does knowing I won’t reject,
Take away the risk and make it all safe?

Will you shed tears when I’m gone?
Or will you be a pillar of strength?
Do you think you’ll have the right,
To grieve for me?

Will you regret the lost years?
Or will you choose to just move on?
I do not think that you will ever
Truly think of me.

Will you carry me to that hole?
Or say a word above my stone?
Will you remember our shared times?
Or were those times to few to recall?

I do not care if you come
But I think it will be too late
Just beyond my earthly time
When you were all I wanted

I want my casket closed
So that just in case I can still see
I’ll not have to face rejection
Like every other time

When you said you would and never did

by Stephen Martin II

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Stephen, 'I want my casket closed / so that just in case I can still see...' Great line leading to an awesome ending! Well done! ! Brian