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Silent Ringtone
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Silent Ringtone

Poem By Julie Neises

So much you have left,
In my view to remember.
So much of it still has an affect,
On my mind I will never forget.

And those times unforgotten,
I reminisce to remember best.
And they were the times,
When it was just you and me...
Believing we needed 'things',
To enhance our happiness.

And we were 'then'...
So broke but we were both,
Able to joke about it.

And today with things,
Around me to bring nothing...
But a felt absence with no laughter heard,
At all.
Not yours.

Your laughter will always remain special.
With tears falling from your eyes,
I knew you could not control.

'Do you want the last of the popcorn? '

Let's pretend we've had too much.
And save it as 'leftovers'.~

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