Your Letter

Your letter is siiting on the bedroom dresser waiting to be read
It was on the breadkfast counter so I moved it here instead
I haven't found the time to read it; the hours just fly by
The coffee stains will surely hide the tears I yet to cry
When you know the words that fill the lines
The temptation confronts me to drown my sorrow in the wines
I feel trapped within these bedroom walls
The machine is blinking but I'm not taking any calls
The bed remains unmade, the shades are drawn
Haven 't seen the light of day since you've been gone
The dishes are dirty and I haven't fed the cat
I lost all motivation the day I found your letter under the welcome mat
The suitcase in the closet is filled with tears and sorrow
But I keep hoping that you'll came back tomorrow
I could forgive you for your sins
We could make music like violins
All I need is your solemn word
You know the one that 's never been heard
How could we live a life so incomplete?
That led us to a path of sure defeat
I'm sure your letter explains it all
But I'm not ready for the fall
I know many words ended up in the trash
So our feelings couldn't avoid the crash
But one day I hope to awake from this nightmare
And find answers to this crazy love affair

by Alfred Ramos

Comments (1)

You may find the answers.....perhaps....within the letter....yet unread!