Your Letters

Thank you for your letters
They get me through these days
I'll read them more than once, usually everyday
I read them till im tired or my eyes start not to see
Right now its all i have
Prove that you believe
I hear your doing good
Thats all i need to be
Knowing that your well
You always deserve that peace
Your letters show you love me
Did you get mine everyday?
Everyday i wrote you
Im quite punctual in that way
I want to show you that i love you
More than anyone ever could
Protect you with all my strength
Make you see I understood
Take all your fears away
Any hurt you could feel
I'll gladly take that pain, so you can start to feel real
So thank you for letters
They did so much for me
This girl truly loves who i am
This girls letters saved me

by Joe Doti

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Comments (1)

This comes out as a rhymed poem which forces me to use a higher standard. As a result, I cannot recomend this poem. The rhyming doesn't flow very well throughout. This actually distracted me from the poem. It was a heartfelt poem, it just didn't come out that well. GW62