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Your Life Is Not Mine To Live It
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Your Life Is Not Mine To Live It

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Who best is it not to guess,
Which next steps to take.
With them to experience.
And grow.
Whether or not mistakes are made.

Who is it best not to guess,
From a doing that has been done?
Will it be the one who gives advice.
As a choice to do.
Without proof to have lived their life.
Or will it be the one who admits,
Taking chances and risks.
Who will not sit to tell another,
What they should do to avoid...
Lessons to learn from obstacles to face.
And if they choose to be chased away,
They can expect that to do,
For the rest of their lives!

"I thought you said,
You don't give advice."

I don't.

From who will I obtain experience?
And lessons to learn never to forget.
For the rest of my life."

Don't pay attention to listen to anyone.
Make a fool of yourself.
And when you begin to recognize,
Just how stupid you have been...
That is proof and evidence enough,
You have learn something about your own life...
No one will ever be capable to teach.
Especially if you believe,
Calling others stupid repeatedly...
Has nothing to do with you being a fool.

This you must prove to yourself.
Not to me.
I've been made to look a fool.
And left to feel stupid,
One too many times.
To think I know everything about life.
Or who it is and what they do,
I can suggest they could do better.
Your life is not mine to live it.

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