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Your Life Is The Greatest Gift

At he top end of Town at your fashionable postal address
You are one who enjoys the trappings of material success
One of the very wealthy few and one so many admire
And one who inspire those who to material success in life to aspire
A company director your wife and son and daughter in their early twenties all with a new company car
On the corporate success ladder you are one who has climbed far
An olympic sized swimming pool in your back garden and your own huge family pleasure boat docked in the bay
That money can buy one a good life only true for to say
Two beautiful and successful children and a devoted wife
One can say you are one who has made it in life
It is only with the wealthy and influential you socialize
It is each to their own as one comes to realize
But despite your great wealth and your financial success
Your life is the greatest gift that you possess.

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