Your Life Will Be Prolonged Right On The Spot!

The Lord gives us love and life
no husband wishes the death of his wife
it is a constant strife
the natural death or committing suicide

you wish to live longer?
just pray and ask for a healthy long life
the Lord gives you all you have asked
because of His tremendous love so true
only for you, yes, believe that, only for you

when you know Him better
you come to know that
God loves you so much
that He gave you as such
His own beloved Son to be crossed
yes, crossed on Golgotha
to redeem mankind from sin, yeah

but IF you take yourself that precious life
IF you won't accept his endless Love
especially for you, He won't prevent you from killing yourself
He quickens this most tragic wish

observe this forsaken earth
at the birth of your beloved child
God knows if you wish this baby or not
if you don't wish this infant be born so mild
pay attention, God killed instantly this unwanted child

no matter the age
love is His greatest wage
God loves you so much
He wishes all be alive as such
with true and pure love
as He is doing His duty above

but ever since Adam and Eve left Eden
ever since they ate from the forbidden tree
they realized that it wasn't wise
they are naked, now they can shake it
they'll kill each other or they'll kill themselves
ever since no human can ever live until eternity

such a greatest pity
mankind was allowed to live short, not till eternity
but if you ardently believe in God
your life will be prolonged right on the spot!

WHY above poem is created? BECAUSE so many young artists died at the age of 27. That is not old, that is very young! Let them arise from their graves and they must read what here is written. Love the life that God hath given! Do not play for God, that IS a sin. I had this urge to write this essay-poem, thank you.

Created with caring love,

Sylvia Frances Chan,
Dutch Poetess.

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Copyright Protected

AD Wednesday the 17th of January 2018
@ 23.59 hrs. PM West-European Time

by Sylvia Frances Chan

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