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Your Light To My Dark
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Your Light To My Dark

Poem By Erwick Brandon

Come on down and step inside, welcome to my so called life.
My very own personal Hell.
If you'd like to see the light again,
don't you take another step.
Walk away from this seemingly never ending monsoon.
Where it relentlessly rains down nothing but pain and despair.
The only season here is 'Open Season.'
On my heart.
A broken heart that's made up of broken parts of paper mâché.
No tell-tale heart will be left behind, for its fixing to be washed away.
This insatiable love I have inside for you is the only thing that's keeping me alive.
It's keeping me from going under,
it gives me the will to survive.
So stay with me only if you wish. Begging you would only make me selfish.
It's so lonely here and your greatest fear is upon me.
The darkness encircles me.
The darkness is blinding.
Will you find me?
Will you guide me?
I need your light to shine on me.
Free me from this cell, from my personal Hell.
We'll run away and never look back.
Safe from everyone's venomous chatter and malicious attacks.
I promise I'll protect you but I can't do that from here.
I said before I didn't want to be selfish that part is clear.
But I just can't help myself, I so desperately need you here.
So I'm on my knees, with a heavy heart and with hopeful eyes.
Stay with me please, stay by my side.
Take me away from this miserable life.
I know you can, I hope you will.
I'll wait for you here as long as I have to...forever still.

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Faith keeps those who keep the faith - Mother Teresa. He that has found a woman of virtue is blessed with a rare gem. A well balanced love that is mutual is capable of propelling one to higher levels of achievements. A well articulated poem nicely penned from the heart. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.