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Your Light

I want to find a new world
With no pain and its full of friends
people who will accept you for who you are
I want to find a new world
because this one i don't fit in
all my true friends are gone forever.

The chains are broken
Nothing is holding you down
except your feelings for the people you truely care for
Betrayal, pain, sadness
You've been hurt too many times
Don't let it get to you
You are able to fly away forever
Spread your wings
leave this sorrowful place
No more tears
No more pain
No more lies
No more enemies

Come to the door
open it
Come to your island
Live your life to the fullest

Shatter the barrier
Use your heart
Fight the heartless people
Fight for light
Watch your candle burn
Just believe
then you'll find a new world
Meet new people
start over again
get a new personality
Something that everyone will enjoy
And most important,
Something that you will like
And most importantly again...
Just keep on laughing
Look for your light
It will come to you when you need it,
when you are being swallowed by darkeness,
and when you are fighting for your light
The light is in your hand.

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