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Your Little Girl

Do not worry about me, I am no longer the baby I was
Do not be stressed up, your little girl is taking care of herself
Though life is not easy, she is trying her best to make ends meet
Though the road is not smooth, she is trying to make it through

I have to admit it is hard making my own choices and decisions
With fear that i might have taken the wrong way
I had been fond of your participation in all the decisions I made
But still, do not worry, your little angel is a woman of iron

Nothing comes easy that's why she is always determined
Success is hardly earned, that is why hard work is her cup of tea
Bright her night has to be, with or without the stars
Her sun has to shine, in both light and dark
She believes that the sky cannot be the limit when there are footsteps on the moon

All you have to do is pray for me that at the end I emerge victorious
I promise that no matter how hard it gets, I won't give up on my dreams
Distance separates us but we are together emotionally and spiritually
Just give me some more time and I will make you proud parents
Your little angel

by Kanini Beatrice

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