(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Your Littlest Smile

Death, rather diffident
(rather shy)

comes to me & says:

'It is time to die.'

'Ok...' I say '...when? '

'...like, this moment? '

'This second...? '

I struggle
with my heart attack

as Death
(feeling bad about it)

reposses my artefacts.

Outside, a van pulls up
with neat Gothic script

it spells out in big bold letters.

I like it.

Death's got style
(& a nice smile)

& is a kind...
...of groovy guy.

Or is he a lady...
...boy...it's hard to tell

this here heart attack
sure hurts like hell.

'Ok, boys - take it all
away! '

Death's little helpers
all big bruisers all over 7' 2'
(former nightclub bouncers)

set to it with a will.

They take away
the blue sky
under which I had first kissed you.

They take away that night
sky under which I had kissed you more.

They took away
the little day to day

I always loved

the shape of your mouth

your continuosly falling hair
brushed impatiently away

from your eyes

...your eyes...

the smell of your perfume
in an empty room

the littlest of your smiles
I had saved
for a rainy day

like a living Houdini

I had done it

somehow wrestled out
of the heart attack's strait jacket.

'Damn! ' Death
spat in a peevish manner.

'How, in God's name
did you do that? '

Death, sighed:
'Ok, kid...ya got me
- this time! '

'Right, boys... put it all back!
Put everything back! '

Les boys, scowl at me
as if to say: ' I'll remember you
...sunny Jim! '

'You...' Death
snarled from the side of his mouth

annoyed now
(no more Mr. Nice Guy)

'You...I'll see you
again! '

A tear...trickled down
my cheek

(unable to speak)
all I could do

was glance down

(your littlest smile)

clasped tightly
in my hand.

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Comments (2)

I like the fact that Death's got a nice smile and could be a nice guy or lady or...I found it very funny and was enjoying the whole concept of it when suddenly it became a love poem and by the end a tear-jerking love poem. I also love the fact that the things Death would take back would be memories and the little things that would be important to just that person. A tear trickled down my cheek too as I realised that it was because you held on to 'her littlest smile' that enable you to cheat Death. Boy...is he going to be annoyed when he comes back for you! An out and out love poem that yet manages to tell a funny story and tackle the topic of a heartattack all at the same time. You've got a strange mind but I am partial to it and the effects that it can come up with. Keep amusing me and making me cry! I will put in a good word for you with Mr. Death and won't let him have his wicked way with you...I will have your 'littlest poem' clapsed in my hand Giana XXX
What a story! You had me at the edge of my seat throughout. Interesting way to personify death. I love the stanza about holding the 'littlest smile' in your hand. I'm happy you beat him this time!