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Your Lot
AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

Your Lot

You wish you could accept your lot, go with it
How could you hush up the battle deep inside?
Finding the balance would be just the ticket
Where did your soul flee after the body died?

When every human's scared of being washed up
Life taught you well how to resist the dark
What if all misery and pain just won't stop?
Behold the demon who's grinning like a shark?

You built a house, planted a tree and raised a kid
The house burned down, the tree is dead and the kid has left
Feeling unwanted and there's nothing you would need
You have been robbed and can't put up with the theft

Still counting on a little hope by praying
Living off on faith won't make you give it up
The other half of brain sees sense in saving
If heart is broken, it's never gonna pop

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