FEB (May 14,1953 / Pittsburgh, PA)

A Short Treatise On The White Sandy Beach

the song about two less lonely people is played today over the radio.
She is fast asleep on a noon day and i am reading a new novel.

before that we were talking about some who never got married.
there was this young man on a tour with us whom we call a joiner since he had no one to share his time with him. There is another young woman wanting to flirt with him but she said, i would really like him if i only have time.

there would have been two less lonely people in the van, but they decided to be lonely through and through, perhaps due to fear, perhaps due to wounds that have never healed yet.

i am lying on a white sand, she is fast asleep on the hammock on this noon day. I am reading a novel about love that never went into fulfillment. About love unrequited. About pain instead of the joys of life.

i am a lonely man and she is a lonely woman and this fact binds us together for quite a time.

indeed, we are too less lonely people in this world and it will just be fine.

i am humming and i feel like a bird flying to the blue skies. She is dreaming still and smiling to the blue skies with her eyes closed as sunlight falls on her lashes and i feel the warmth that lands on both of us.

meanwhile the van leaves with another lonely people going to the airport for an ending adventure.

i guess life perhaps is not life, unless one gets lonely and one gets used to it.

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so nice and comfortable
such a beatiful and gentle poem! a very good piece of work! ~~Elya Thorn~~