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Your Love

How I suffered in your love
How I loved you with all my senses
and how your love never brought me comfort!
How bad your love merely brought me pain!
Your love was nothing but a sizzling desert with no rain!

Your love makes me feel
that there is always something missing!

Like a rail with no train!
Like a genius with no brain!

Like a bed with no pillow!
Like a lonely life with no fellow!

Like a lock with no key!
Like a fish out of sea!

Your love was handicapped!
Like a bird with no wing
Like a bird that can not sing!
Like a crown with no king!

Like a knight with no white horse!
Like a soldier with no force!

I loved you passionately
From my head to toes
I kept on loving you
Even when your heart froze
your love was nothing
but a throne with no rose

But why do I blame you now?
When I am the one who chose
I chose to walk through your hopeless way

I knocked your door that day
I knocked your door
Even when I knew its closed
Even when I was sure!
I didn't turn my back and walk away!

31 March 2002

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