Your Love

Darkness swept over my soul over a year ago
Chemo and radiation what a devasting blow
When life got hard and desperate and I could not fight no more,
You stepped in and took over your love carried me through

I know I should be mad, at the trials you put me through
Though I cannot seem to get angry for the love that you show
Trials are here to make us stronger, for something yet to come
Every trial I face, you seem to bring me through

Desperate to hang onto life, for what I do not know
I will cherish your love when it is time for me to go

People sit and ask, if I am afraid of dying
I believe in the end if it is my time to go
I will be in a better place, with your loving arms to console

When life gets to hard for me to bare
I turn to you and you show me the way
Through the darkness, to the light
You help me along with these terrible fights

I am once again in remission
For that I am thankful for your decission
To carry me through this trying time
For showing me your love and carrying me through
When my willpower was weak, you were strong
My love for you will never fade

by jeannie schmidt

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