(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

My Greatest Fear

Your my greatest fear,
to keep out of your way I steer.

Your touch is like a poison to me,
To be free is what I wish to be.

You haunt me in my dreams,
Well if you ask me this is how it seems.

You follow me in my head,
by the littlest things my fear is fed.

I am scarred to face you,
can this be prevented is this really true.

I hate that you were the one I trust,
being my father was it a must.

Were you suppose to break me up,
make me bleed and spew it all up.

Wether or not you were suppose to,
you did and it really hurt me believe me it's true.

I'm sorry I gave you thoes urges,
I'm sorry your inner monster still emerges.

I am sorry your a junkie,
but I never wanted to be your little puppet monkey.

I know as I grow,
my past will explode and start to show.

But how would you feel,
if you were left as a child with no way to heal.

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Comments (3)

Maybe one has to be old enough to remember records to catch the 'bounce' of that line....caught in the same cruel scratch...to remember how a needle would play the same line over..and over...and over? Wonderful similarity of ideas, however, in the repeated hurts...
I love the repetition of the lies/eyes and the minimum wording. I love the expression you harm my heart and your smile is past. Having the Chinese record stick on the phrase is a master touch...stuck in the same cruel scratch. The title is very violent in its description of love...gone...wrong. Just a scratch as the record jumps and the poision enters in. I like it! love Debbie Debs
Love the last two lines Donall. HG: -) xx