Your Love For Me

your love for me is like fire,
like the stars of the shining sky,
so important as the morning dawn
and so precious as the days sun.

Your smile awakes me
in the middle of dark weather
and your voice makes me confident,
that is you who cares a lot.

Lots of people come and go,
lots of faces reflecting promise,
but there is only one person there,
whose love is true for me.

The thought of you makes me
feel happy, your thoughts make
my existence so alive,
you are the only one for me I know.

The waves of the sea whisper your name,
with a lyric song that never ends,
and that deep breath comes alive,
with the message: ' you are the only ONE for me'

by mary sachlas

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A nice poetic imagination, Mary. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks