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{{{ Your Love Inside }}}
LIW (September 20 1967 / Philadelphia, PA)

{{{ Your Love Inside }}}

Poem By Linda I. Weischedel

Will I have the passionate chance
to feel your love inside me,
no probably never,
will I still be loving you, yes I will, forever and ever.

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This uniquely short and terse poem says it all, Linda, and very well, too! Many of us have felt the same way about someone and never had the chance to enjoy the blissful feeling of making love together. Yet, in that heart of hearts, there is always hope for that one special person you may never be intimate with. Carl.
I enjoyed this short but none the less to the point, and bare truth, when you love, you love for a lifetime, life goes on, however deep within your heart will lie a love that once was....... Very nicely written..
A lovely verse Linda, never give up hoping. Best wishes, Andrew x
never say never, it may take time.so beautiful poem