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Your Love Is Like The Blood Running In My Veins
JB (07/01/89 / bellefonte pennsylivania united states)

Your Love Is Like The Blood Running In My Veins

Every time the blood drips from my fingertips the smile can finally
spread to me

Every time the blood runs down across my eye I can finally see you for
what you are

Every time I love you I could never stay with you for the night just to see
the smile across your face but still I cannot see your smile in those
eyes I fell for so long ago

Every time I can hold you I can finally stop caring about the blood
running out of my body

Every time I can hold you in my eyes you turn out to be all I care about
but still I cannot get you out of my head for the life of me


Why do I still love you

You were still here but still you left

Why did you have to leave me alone … yet again …

When can we all stop being alone all this time

Still you left again and again and I still just cant stop you from doing this

But still I care

Why did you have to leave this why did you have to make people cry

Why do I have to care about all the people I know just to be me

Why do I have to start to open up just to sew myself together and hide
from the world all over again.

Why did you have to walk away why did you have to get so popular

When all of that game back and is now killing you and killing me too

When all this time I still worry if you were found I hope you weren’t

When will you be back you help me be just be me again and even pull
me away from the darkness I started to live in

You still saved me from the darkness before I completely sacrificed
myself through all of my blood has gone dry from my veins but you
pulled me away and took all of my knives

You still can’t take me away when you aren’t here and I found all of my
knives all over again and no one can stop me when I am alone in the
darkness of my room and just let the blood run dry all over again with
out you this time I can surely fade away from the living world all over

All over again I can push everyone away and stay alone by myself and
wait for the blood when you left again

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pure raw emotion. -shannon