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Your Love Of Place

For some it is not a love of Country but a love of Place
Where theirs is a loved and a familiar face
Without any desire for to live elsewhere
In some city or town in the big World out there

They are happy to live where they are loved and known
With the honorary title of one of our own
In their hometown known to every local that they do meet
And greeted by name by many when walking the street

The praises of Country many well may sing
But a sense of belonging is a beautiful thing
Where of the community you do feel part
And never feel the desire to move to elsewhere in life to make a new start

Of the bug of wander you are one who is free
The World's great Cities you have no wish to see
Your love of Place transcends your love of Homeland
Those with a sense of Place this would understand

You are one of those people who could never live far
From your local grocery store or your local bar
Where yours to all locals is a known and loved face
You love your Country far less than you love your Home-place.

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