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Your Lucky Last Five Dollars

You were feeling so despondent and none for you seemed to care
And you were down to your last five dollars and you were bordering on despair
And you called to the lotto agency at the corner of the street
And bought yourself a five dollar scratchy hoping lady luck you'd meet.

With only five dollars in your pocket sure you may as well be broke
And few if any wish to know you if you are a struggling bloke
And your old mates have forsook you they don't need you as their friend
And on the tiniest chance of getting rich your last five dollars you did spend.

With your finger nails you scratched your ticket in the park on a park bench
With a little bit left to scratch two big winning matches and you gave yourself a pinch
Just as a good luck gesture could the lucky one be me?
Then your tears flowed in excitement when you scratched the lucky three.

You had won a million dollars oh how lucky can one be
But again you checked your ticket scarce believing what you see
Yes you had won a million dollars and you were a millionaire
Within minutes jubilation from the dark depths of despair.

Your lucky last five dollars two hundred thousand times had multiplied
And you'd no longer feel despondent with dark grim thoughts of suicide
And you'd no longer have to depend on your pittance of welfare
And you wouldn't have to worry if none for you seemed to care.

It had made you very lucky and given you your lucky break
Yes your lucky last five dollars what a difference it did make
Had you spent it in McDonald's on a burger and a coke
You'd still be seen as a loser and you'd still be poor and broke.

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