Your Mad And That's No Laughing Matter...

It's no laughing matter,
This life your're living;
Your crazy as a hatter,
Taking this and never giving,

You do not feel.the bad,
Or a common sense of shame;
I say you're going mad,
and breaking your good name.

You laugh, as I knew you would,
You've no concept of what's right;
You never do just what you should,
Out partying every single night.

I'm your friend, but you don't hear,
Your on a different street;
I'll not go on and bend your ear,
Your fate your doomed to meet.

I only hope that you survive,
And come out without a scratch;
I want to see you still alive,
Not in some cabbage patch.

by david lessard

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I so get this and have said this many times to my loved one(s) .the titla says it all.10.