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Your Meaning

Deep crawling dark pain creeping into my shattered soul, seeing you makes me want to slit my eyes, life dies. Heart bleeding to death while it screams out for a hope. Im stricken with grief, Time slips by no relief. Im tired of your lame excuses, your addictions and abuses. Shut up and grow up, I can’t stand you, I want to throw up! My eternal sun will be black, surrounded by the demons and bats that own me. It brings no satisfaction but at least I can see. I will be HIS student and the mentor? The reaper. I once feared the dark, but now I revere the dark. I am the one step to insanity, I am the spark. My will being done, love, happiness, bliss, fun? Gone. What’s wrong? A list that stretches past eternity. It’s a certainty that what we had and what was is now over. Hurt me and think you can walk away from it? HA-HA You can think that but its bull****. Im way past daring, screw daring to “love”. Your meaning is gone.

by Khaos Dven

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A painful leson in life expressed and fully armed as any bomb could be....Everything has a reason and every dark cloud, a silver lining, we just have to look for it. Smiling at you, Tai